Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Apple Mac'! :P

Today was most definitely a day for macs! I had a request for mint, chocolate and cherries, so I made two different batches (because twice the fun is always better!): chocolate mint, and black forest.  

Now, chocolate and mint go hand in hand. I was, however, skeptical about cherries and chocolate together in a macaron.   I'm happy to say I was very, very wrong! The flavours of rich dark chocolate buttercream, cherry preserves, and a hint of rum worked wonderfully with the delicate almond macaron!   
I filled my baking sheets with the little drops of meringues and realized, to my initial consternation, that I had leftover batter :|.  Then something (which, at that moment, struck me as hysterical) occurred to me.  I make macs.  Get it, macs. As in apple.  Apple macs!  Tee hee! (Feel free to judge.  I'm judging myself).

ANYWAY....  Here they are, in their not all that funny, but still delicious glory!


 The significantly less punny but no less yummy black forest macs

Saturday, 25 February 2012

4000 pageviews!! You guys rock my world!

All I have to say is

My Neighbour Totoro Cupcakes! となりのトトロ!

I must have been five or six year old the first time I saw a Studio Ghibli film, and I've been in love with Hayao Miyazaki's wonderfully magical world ever since.  Although it would be impossible for me to pick a favourite, My Neighbour Totoro is definitely the cutest of his works.  Those furry little creatures are just so adorable, and the little makkuro kurosuke dust bunnies!! I just had to make make them into cupcakes!

Aaand Voila! 

I made vanilla cupcakes topped with chocolate frosting (with a good dose of rum), and all the figures are homemade marshmallow fondant

All I have to say is...... あるこう あるこう わたしはげんき、あるくの だいすき どんどんいこう!

Totoro and friends!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Vote for your Favourite Cupcake!

I will be donating cupcakes to the wonderful charity fundraiser Cupcake Camp Montreal, and I can't decide which flavours I should make (I'm planning on making four kinds, 50 of each). 

It would be super helpful if you guys helped me by voting for your favourite kind! (and feel free to send any other suggestions to, or via the contact form) 
Thank you!!

Update: Voting is now closed! Thank you all for your input!

Which Flavour is your favourite? free polls 

Thank you!!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Figs? Dragon Fruit? Yes Please!

Figs are hands down my favourite fruit.  Back home in Morocco, we have five beautiful fig trees on my parents' property, and my mom and I would take a big wicker basket and pick some every morning (which would take forever because we would eat them straight out of the tree).
So really, Figs + Cupcakes = Big piles of love in my book!  And to dial everything up to eleven? light and fluffy mascarpone frosting, and a drizzle of fig coulis!

I got a little overexcited with the coulis... ^^;

Closeup of the closeup :D

Dragon fruit is a different story.  We didn't have it in Morocco when I was younger, and I never really discovered it until only a few years ago, but it's so yummy, not to mention visually stunning!  Kind of like kiwi fruit, except much milder, so it doesn't burn like kiwi often does.  The cupcakes are vanilla with dragon fruit mascarpone filling, and they're topped with a lemon mascarpone frosting and a slice of dragon fruit!

All together now!

Super Cupcake et Macaron Stop Motion Animation!

My stop motion short is finally done!! 

Cupcake et Macaron Presents: Super Cupcake and the Evil King of Cakes! 

A poor little macaron is being attacked by the evil king of cakes.  Super Cupcake comes to the rescue of his best friend, thus demonstrating the power of friendship... and bite sized sweet treats!  

Special thanks to Kad, for planting the seed and suggesting that I make a stop motion video, my wonderful husband Antoine, for requesting an epic battle between a cupcake and an evil cake, Heather, for her creativity and for taking a whole afternoon from her insanely busy schedule to painstakingly shoot every single frame of this video, and last but not least, thanks to all my friends and everyone for being wonderfully supportive and helping me on my path towards cupcake world domination! Mwahahahahahahahahahahah! *ahem*.


Friday, 17 February 2012

Horror Movie Night Cupcakes!

Friday is date night with my best friend, and tonight we decided to watch horror movies (FYI, Paranormal Activity is TERRIFYING).  Obviously this called for something yummy to counteract just how scared we were.  Soooooo...  

Horror movie night vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

You put the lime in the coconut and drink'em both up!

I was asked to do a medley of cupcakes, and it so happened that the coconut song was stuck in my head at the time :|.  The result? why lime coconut cupcakes, bien sur!

I also made Chocolate-peanut butter cupcakes, Coco-choco, Death by chocolate, Salted caramel and Rum frangipane.

You put the liiime in the coconut and drink em boooth up, put the liiiiime in the coconut and call me in the mooorning (It won't go away!)!

Chocolate Peanut butter, covered with a chocolate ganache and a chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate cupcake with a rum frangipane cream

Death by chocolate cupcakes

Happy Humpday!

Dites-le Avec des Fleurs (Say it with flowers) ^^

Valentine's day = flower cupcakes, of course!  These are salted caramel cupcakes made into a rose and hydrangea bouquet! I always strive to make desserts that are as pretty as they are delicious, and I feel that these are a perfect representation of why I love doing what I do :)

 It's Cupcake et Macaron after all!

I had a blast making these, as always, but by the time evening came around, all I wanted to do was SIT and sip a glass of wine!  What does a cupcake baker have for Valentine's day dinner?Something yummy that doesn't require cooking! :D

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Photo Shoot :D

Yesterday my friend and amazing photographer Izu came by to give my tasty little creations their very own photo shoot!  The only (functional) camera that I own is on my cell phone, so you can imagine how delighted I am that she would take time off of her busy schedule to take photos of my work.  

I had already seen some of Izu's work, so I was expecting great photos.  

What I got was SO much better!

Behold my cupcakes and macarons in all their HD glory!

I wanted to save these for last, but I've always been an instant gratification kinda girl :D.  DOMO KUN! (Thanks, Izu!!)
It's a labour of love :)
Buttercream Hydrangea
 Hello Kitty macarons meet their namesake!
I love these!
 EEP! So freaking cute!!!
My little fondant friends got to make cameos!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Neil Gaiman's Little Endless Cupcakes and Macarons!

This is pure self-indulgence.  The first time that I read Neil Gaiman's Sandman (I've read it many, many more times since) was one of those experiences that I just knew somehow changed me.  You don't often read stories that are so well written, and with such lovely characters.  I just adored it, and if you haven't read it yet, you really, really should!  
With that in mind, it really was just a matter of time before my love for Sandman met my love of everything sweet and delicious!  I will eventually do all seven siblings as fondant figures, but for now, I made my favourites: Death, Dream and of course, Delirium!

So without further ado...

My Little Endless macarons on top of chocolate cupcakes, inspired by Neil Gaiman's wonderful story, and Jill Thompson's adorable art!
Update: My cupcakes were retweeted by Neil Gaiman and Jill Thompson themselves!!!!!

They also got a post on the wonderful Cupcakes Take the Cake!!! 
 My all time favourite, Delirium!

Hearts, Hello Kitty, Oh my!

If I were to choose one (made up) adjective to describe today, it would be "Macarontacular"! Now macarons on their own are fabulous little treats, but some occasions call for over the top weaponized adorableness, and I found just the way to achieve that.

Ladies and gentlement, I give you heart and Hello Kitty shaped macarons and macaron pops! 

Can you say Yummy Valentine?
Macaron Pops!

The hearts have a Nutella filling, The Hello Kitties are filled with a rose lychee cream, and the classic round macarons have a coconut buttercream filling


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Harry Potter Chocolate Cupcakes!

I had actually been meaning to make Harry Potter fondant cupcakes for quite some time, and I just never got around to it, so imagine my delight when I received a last minute order from a lovely young lady for exactly that! The cake and frosting are Death by Chocolate, and the toppers are made using homemade marshmallow fondant. 

I made Hermione, Ron, Harry, a Sorting Hat, a magic cauldron, and a Snitch and Quidditch broom.

I didn't have a lot of time, so they're not insanely detailed, but I think they turned out pretty adorable!

Tacky, I know, but I couldn't resist! Team Gryffindor!