Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mario inspired cupcakes!

I made these for the lovely Bobbie of Cute World Photographie.  I've always been a huge gamer (although I grew up as a Sega child, so making Nintendo inspired sweets feels a tad like a betrayal :P).  Still, they were a blast to make!  Six cupcakes were chocolate with chocolate Nutella buttercream, covered in fondant and 3-D fondant figures, and the other six were chocolate with red and green salted caramel buttercream and little fondant mushroom spots! 

Vintage bridal shower mini cupcakes!

Phew! This past week has been so crazy (and full of ups and downs) that I just couldn't find the time to write a post! Bad me! 

But the highlights? more victorian inspired brooch mini cupcakes and macarons, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, but no less fun to make, Mario inspired birthday cupcakes :D (that deserve their own post!)

I just never tire of making this style of cupcakes.  The decorations are all individually hand made and hand painted, but totally worth the time they require, if I do say so myself!  These were the ever popular caramel and fleur de sel cupcakes, and red velvet with Nutella buttercream.  

Behold the loveliness!

On a related note, I really do need to learn how to take nicer pictures ><!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

A happy St Patrick's Day means St Patty's Day cupcakes!!

I made this little St patrick's day inspired cupcake "mini-cake" for a friend's birthday this weekend.  The paper wrapper is obviously removed, and the entire cake is covered in yummy marshmallow fondant.  The cake inside is red velvet with homemade Nutella buttercream! (possibility: GREEN velvet???)

Happy St patty's Day!!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Monkeys + Cupcakes = Extreme Cuteness!

Oh, hello world! 

Are you ready for a cuteness explosion? I give you my adorable Monkey cupcakes!  

I will let the photos speak for themselves (I'm melting from the adorableness myself).  

The cupcakes are my revisited red velvet: Red velvet with homemade Nutella buttercream!

You have been warned!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Maddy K's Bridal Boudoir Affair.

A couple of weeks ago I had the insane honour of being invited to display my yummy work at the incredibly talented Maddy K's Bridal Boudoir Affair.  Now I knew this event was something special, and I was so thankful for the invitation, but I was still kind of expecting a fancied up bridal show.  
After a week of very little sleep and lots of baking and decorating, I finally took my sweet creations to the event.

The second I stepped onto the Hyatt's fourth floor, I was just blown away.  This was no bridal show; it was like being transported into your very own fantasy wedding, whatever that may be.  No unattractive booths of vendors desperately attempting to sell future brides and grooms their products, no ugly convention halls, no overwhelming loud chatter, just one magical, romantic, sexy event in which the carefully selected vendors seamlessly blend into the overall atmosphere by offering their creations as they would for the most beautiful of weddings.  The name, Bridal Boudoir Affair, is spot on.  An intimate, gorgeous journey into the world of weddings.

When I returned home, exhausted, but sad that it was over, I proposed to my husband.

Thank you, Maddy K and Nicolina Servello, for inviting me into your magical world. It was a dream.

And now... Cupcakes!

My sweets table!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

3 days, 350 cupcakes, 200 macarons, 11 different flavours and 5 hours of sleep!

Saying that the past few days have been insane would be the understatement of the century. Between the fundraiser Cupcake Camp, a promotional event with the amazing wedding planner Maddy K and the wonderful Nicolina Servello, and gender reveal party cupcakes, I slept five hours over three nights!

I will dedicate posts to each of the events, but in the meantime (because I'm impatient), here are some photos!

Art nouveau inspired cupcakes! The fondant roses are made one petal at a time. Very time consuming, but I'm super happy with how they turned out :)

Look at those macarons! I made orange blossom and lemon buttercream