Sunday, 22 April 2012

Cupcakes Inspired by Tattoo Art!

I had been meaning to make tattoo inspired cupcakes for a while now; I just never got around to it.  So when one of my closest friends requested them, I just had to do it! 

Wouldn't they be a lovely fun and unconventional touch for a wedding dessert table?

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Photo Session with Amypunky Photography!

I recently fell in love with the idea of dessert tables, not only because they offer so many sweet possibilities (and I say the only thing better than a sweet treat, is lots of sweet treats!), but also because they allow us to tell a story, and to truly let our imaginations run wild!  

Then I met the adorable and uber talented Emilie Iggiotti, of Amypunky Photography, and it was a match in wedding inspiration heaven!  I created this dessert table for our first photo session together.

I can honestly say that my confections have never looked more beautiful!
This table is, well, very personal in terms of style, since I made it specially for our collaboration.  To me, it represents a marriage between art-nouveau romanticism, and a slightly darker, almost steampunk inspired edge.  I like to think that if Alphonse Mucha, Jules Verne and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle inexplicably decided to get into sweet table design, this would be their creation ^^!

Anyway, a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words.  So without further ado, here they all are!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Passion, or why I am so thankful :)

I would like to take a moment and express how insanely thankful I am, for just about everything.  It seems like only yesterday that, with much encouragement from my wonderful family and friends, I decided to take the plunge and start Cupcake et Macaron, and I'm still in awe of just how far it has come in, let's admit it, such a short amount of time.  I have all of you to thank for that.

A friend and amazing photographer (one of the "heureuses rencontres" I have made throughout this lovely whirlwind of a journey) wrote a thought provoking article about whether --and why-- one should turn one's hobby into a business.  This is one particular conversation I have had repeatedly in my head, and I always come to the same conclusion.


Passion doesn't just mean *really* loving something; although love is certainly an essential part of it.  Passion is when you're never as free as when you're doing whatever it is you're passionate about.  It's sustained obsession.  It's a vital need, an itch that must constantly be scratched.  It's breathing better because you know THIS is what you do for a living.  This is your project; your seedling, and you can't imagine yourself doing anything else.  Passion is when the hardships, the anxiety and the dark moments of self-doubt are nothing compared to the void of not having it in your life.

It's commitment. It's being in love, and saying I do.

It's breathtakingly wonderful.

Thank you for making my world a little bit sweeter every day.


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter everyone!

The past week has been kind of nuts, but I just had to make time to post these adorable Easter chocolate cupcakes!  My favourite one is the bunny trying to dig for a carrot :D
Happy Easter my lovelies!

 My favourite is the little bunny digging for carrots :)