Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Buttercream cakes!

This post is my little ode to buttercream cakes.

While I absolutely adore working with fondant, and I love the sleek modern look of fondant cakes, there's something to be said for the rustic charm of buttercream.
So I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to make two (very different) cakes, which I felt showcased just how many creative possibilities buttercream offers.
The first is an ombre lemon rose raspberry cake, and the second is a three tiered chocolate bourbon wedding cake.
Without further ado, here are the lovely photos, taken by the fabulous wedding photographers at Nora & Chris Photography!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Star Wars Sweet and Savoury table? Yes Please!

Geek has never been so chic and delicious!

So my husband and I are (obviously) big Star Wars fans, so when the new Old Republic MMO came out, he really got into it.

His birthday party fell on May 4th, which happens to be international Star Wars day, you know, because "May the fourth be with you" (don't judge me :P), so I thought what better birthday present than having a shamelessly geeky Star Wars themed birthday dinner with the urban family?

Nothing, that's what!

So with that in mind, I set about to create a sweet and savoury table that combines my husband's favourite dishes, dorky Star Wars puns, and my firm belief that everything, even a silly sci-fi theme, can be chic and elegant while still being fun!

My awesome friends and fantabulous wedding photographers Nora & Chris took photos! Some dishes are missing because by then we had eaten them all.  Oops! ^^

The beautiful portraits are by the super talented Greg Peltz

Style me Pretty Wedding Inspiration Shoot!

Oh my!  I have been a very bad blogger! The past several weeks have been pure insanity, with fabulous weddings, photoshoots etc, and I haven't had a second to myself, but now I come bearing photos!

I should have taken many more, but it's so difficult to think of it when you're designing, baking, decorating, and trying not to hyperventilate ^^!

I will try to do several posts, but I will start with the highlight of my week:  Our inspiration photo shoot, by the always fabulous Emilie of Amypunky Photography was featured on Style me Pretty!!!

The shoot itself was such a wonderful experience!  It was a day of creativity, laughter, new friendships and fabulous shoes, and I never wanted it to end!

Collaborating with such talented people was an absolute joy, not to mention infinitely FUN!

I would really like to take a moment to thank Emilie for making me part of this amazing project, the lovely Charlotte Laurent and L'Auberge St Gabriel, Antoinette Di Carlo of Di Carlo Couture, Amal Afoussi, Long Truong of Little Potato Films, O.xide Design, Charlotte Hosten, Holt Renfrew, our gorgeous models and real couple, Marie-Pier Lessard and Erick Gendron!  And last, but certainly not least, Style me Pretty for featuring our work on their fabulous website!!